Level up your account

Contests on social networks are a great way to engage an audience on your account and advertise products or services. After all, contests with pleasant bonuses and prizes are always of interest to users of social networks.

However, not everyone has money to buy cool gifts for their subscribers. But even without money and without any goods, you can hold an interesting competition for the audience and significantly increase activity on the page or in the group.

Prize — Advertising

An ideal gift for subscribers is advertising on your account. The competition for advertising is ideal for already promoted groups with an audience of 10 thousand subscribers. If the audience is only a couple of thousand subscribers, then advertising in such a community will be ineffective.

Now almost every second user of the network needs to advertise their services or goods. It can be gift boxes, cards, nutrition bars, clothes and much more. The mechanism of such a competition is simple — you need to post a post with the terms of the competition. They can be different, for example:

  1. Join the community;
  2. Subscribe to multiple pages;
  3. Leave a couple of comments;
  4. Like;
  5. Make a repost, etc.

In order to make a beautiful picture for the post about the competition, you can use the mobile application for processing photos — Snapseed.

Sponsor or partner

In fact, finding a person who may be interested in the competition is pretty easy. You can ask friends and acquaintances about this, or you can write personal messages to brands. Surely many of them will be interested in cooperation.

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It is also important that the contest on a page on the network does not look like a post with regular advertising. This should be a collaboration, that is, equal cooperation.

As a rule, on the pages of many brands, both popular and not very, all conditions of cooperation are written. They should state what services the brand provides, what it should receive in return, and much more.


If there are still very few subscribers, you can be creative and organize a contest for the best name of a public or group, for an interesting question, for the name of a new section and much more. The winner can get free publicity in public. You can also arrange a contest for the best photo of subscribers, and put the winner on the ava of the group for a week or even a month. Such contests can be held several times a month.